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As the innovator of the Installment Life Insurance concept, Ted Bernstein has been a consistent innovator in the life insurance industry, first introducing “no-load” life insurance in the mid 1980’s. Now representing several leading U.S. life insurance companies, he has introduced the “Installment Life Insurance” platform to the insurance industry and to the life insurance buying marketplace. According to Mr. Bernstein, “this is the most important development in the life insurance industry since Universal Life”.

Making Life Insurance RelevantTed BersteinCEO


Installment Life Insurance – Ted Bernstein of Boca Raton

Feb 09, 2015

Now that life insurance buyers can choose an Installment Option to determine how the proceeds of their life insurance policy are paid to their beneficiaries, the life insurance industry is...

Ted Bernstein of Boca Raton Launched a New Life Insurance Product Offering a Installment Pay Out Option

Feb 09, 2015

BOCA RATON, FL – Longtime insurance innovator Ted Bernstein of Boca Raton, CEO of Life Insurance Concepts, Inc. (www.lifeinsuranceconcepts.com), has launched a new product that allows policy holders to choose...

Low-Tech Holiday Gifts the Grandkids Will Remember

Feb 09, 2015

“Instead of Another Mobile Device or Video Game, Consider Something Lasting from the Heart” Low-Tech Holiday Gifts the Grandkids Will Remember Kids get their first cell phone by age 12,...

Income Tax Review – Installment Life Insurance Payout Option and the Lump-sum Option

Feb 09, 2015

by Ted Bernstein, 01. 16. 2014. Each day, more and more life insurance buyers are learning about the advantages of the Installment Life Insurance Option compared to the traditional Lump-Sum...

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