The computer you bought in 2003 is out of date. So is your Life Insurance.

Think of all the tools most of us use every day – computers, mobile devices, telephones. If yours is even just a few years old, there is a very good chance that it’s out of date. You probably paid more for it several years ago than you would for a new one today. It’s the same with life insurance.

Most people don’t understand that the insurance they bought years ago could be either obsolete today or it just may not be serving them as much as it should be. There is a crisis in the life insurance industry that is leaving people uninsured, underinsured and incorrectly insured. Life insurance makes a tremendous difference in the quality of a business or the lives’ of loved ones should something happen to a primary breadwinner or key business person. It should be easy to purchase, easy to understand and it should be affordable. Find Out More!

How do you know if you are incorrectly insured? Are you aware of the following, which are some things everyone should know about life insurance today:

  • For the first time since Ben Franklin introduced life insurance more than 200 years ago … life insurance buyers can now choose an installment option to determine how the proceeds of their life insurance policies are paid to their beneficiaries. Read More About Installment Life Insurance.
  • Deferred payouts provide a guaranteed source of income that’s not affected by market fluctuations. Read More About Installment Life Insurance.
  • Most people do not realize that the policy they currently own could be inefficient today or it just may not be serving them as much as it should be.
  • Life Insurance can be purchased without sales commissions.

Installment Life Insurance