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As the innovator of the Installment Life Insurance concept, Ted Bernstein has been a consistent innovator in the life insurance industry, first introducing “no-load” life insurance in the mid 1980’s. Now representing several leading U.S. life insurance companies, he has introduced the “Installment Life Insurance” platform to the insurance industry and to the life insurance buying marketplace. According to Mr. Bernstein, “this is the most important development in the life insurance industry since Universal Life”.

Until now, a lump-sum payout of the policy proceeds has been the only option available to the life insurance buyer. Considering the seismic events in the financial world over the past several years, “there has been a flight to guarantees and pre-determined outcomes”, offers Mr. Bernstein. The “Installment Life Option” puts the power of choice where it belongs, with the insured. Life Insurance Concepts is making sure every American policy owner is aware of the “Installment Life Option”. Working closely with leading U.S. life insurers, Life Insurance Concepts, Inc. represents each company and plays a critical role in helping life insurance buyers choose the right policy for their individual needs.

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Installment Payout Option

  • Create Guaranteed Income Stream Instead of Lump-Sum
  • Increase Coverage
  • Lower Premiums up to 40%
  • Protect Beneficiaries as Intended

Living Benefits

  • Draw Against the Face Value for Health Events
  • Chronic Illness
  • Critical Illness
  • Terminal Illness

Life Insurance without Commissions

  • Reduced Premiums
  • Faster Cash Accumulation
  • Disclosure & Transparency

Premium Financing

  • Simple Loan Strategy
  • Preservation of Capital
  • Ideal for High Net Worth Individuals

Equity Term Plus

  • Lowest New Cost
  • Insurance with Value
  • 50% or More Cash Accumulation
  • Enforce Until you Decide – No Conversion Necessary

Life Insurance 2.0

  • Reduced Premiums
  • Faster Cash Accumulation
  • Disclosure & Transparency

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