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The objective of the School of Premium Finance is to educate insurance agents, attorneys, CPAs and other professionals who have a considerable practice in the premium financing area as well as for those who are beginning to realize the value for their practice. The educational goals of Life Insurance Concepts will focus on the importance of "best practices" origination, prospect identification, processing, carrier positioning and guidelines, premium finance underwriting, advanced estate planning strategies, compliance and a comparison of different finance structures. As the art of premium financing continues to evolve into a highly specialized niche within the industry, we believe that the creation of the school was critical to ensure that the best interests of the insurance companies, regulators, and consumers are considered and understood by agents representing Life Insurance Concepts.

We look forward to sharing our understanding of the premium financing industry once again, during the next session of Life Insurance Concepts' School of Premium Finance, date to be announced. The school is not open to the public; an invitation must be received in order to attend.

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